This policy sets forth guidelines on what constitutes as acceptable usage of the Mumu Chat service. Please note that this is by no means a complete list of either acceptable or unacceptable behaviors. We reserve the right to limit, suspend, or ban users who violate any of these guidelines. We also reserve the right to limit, suspend, or ban users for any reason or even no reason whatsoever. We will occasionally update this Acceptable Use Policy to reflect company and customer feedback. We strongly encourage you to periodically review this policy to be informed of the acceptable use guidelines. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this policy please do not hesitate to contact us at If you are a law enforcement official, please review the law enforcement guidelines.

Users of Mumu Chat must not exhibit any of these unacceptable behaviors...

Threatening - Mumu Chat has a zero tolerance policy for threatening other users. You may not use Mumu Chat to transmit or communicate any materials of a threatening or harmful nature, including threats of death or physical harm, or materials that are harassing, libelous, defamatory, or which facilitate extortion.

Offensive Language - Offensive language, including profanity, in your profile is not allowed. Sending offensive text or pictures without the recipient's consent is not allowed. You may chat with and exchange pictures or images with other Mumu Chat users, so long as what you are doing is not illegal and does not contain illegal content or information. You agree to be solely responsible for knowing what is legal as it pertains to your geographic region. In some cases it may be illegal to access, distribute or facilitate the distribution of obscene, pornographic indecent, hateful or otherwise offensive materials.

Sexual Language/Pictures to or from Minors - Adults using sexual language, or sexual pictures, to, from or with minors is not tolerated.

Illegal Activities - You may not conduct or promote illegal activities.

Slurs and Epithets - Racial, religious and/or ethnic slurs/epithets are not allowed.

Pictures of Extreme Violence - Picture/images of extreme violence (including, but not limited to, people or animals being hurt) are not allowed.

SPAM - Do not spam other users.

Commercial Usage - Mumu Chat is strictly for non-commercial use unless you have a signed written commercial agreement with ICYKEY LLC. Displaying products or services, or links to products and services, is considered commercial use.

Unintended Access- You may not access Mumu Chat in any way which it was not intended to be accessed. This includes hacking, reverse engineering, or cracking the website, mobile apps, or web service.